Dear family and friends of alcove,

It is with a heavy heart but optimistic spirit that Alex and I announce that Alcove will not reopen our brick-and-mortar location at 162 Allen Street.*

Alcove is now 100% www.alcove.shop

You have all been extremely supportive over the past three months as we shifted entirely over to alcove.shop online, and we look forward to continuing the journey with you there as we continue to adapt to the next phase of Alcove.

Opening a physical store was important to us from day one: we wanted you all to hold these objects in your hands, sense their scale, and understand through touch how carefully crafted and smartly designed smokeware could enrich your experience.

We also created the beloved hempcrete alcove wall, DIY-ed the lighting, and designed and built all of the furniture by hand - all in the name of creating a smokeshop that was an inviting, safe space. Our efforts were rewarded by the overwhelmingly positive reaction when customers entered the space - you said you felt comfortable, relaxed, and inspired.

In order to communicate those same ideals on our webshop, we need to work twice as hard - and we're here for it.

We know that although the world has changed, it's more imperative than ever for us all to practice self-care (be it with weed or otherwise) and to have a living space that reflects our best selves & lifts our spirits.

Your feedback is important to us. If you have a minute, I invite you to respond to our survey here.

Ever grateful,
Allie Pisarro-Grant
Alex Smith

June 6, 2020

*As you can imagine, the challenges of running a retail storefront in NYC have multiplied exponentially due to the pandemic, and as a 1-year-old small business run by two people we aren't able to prepare sufficiently for an unknowable future when the costs of Manhattan commercial real estate (unforgiven for three months of closure) continue to bear down. Perhaps we will find a new home in the future!