End-of-Summerland Inspired Dinner Table End-of-Summerland Inspired Dinner Table

End-of-Summerland Inspired Dinner Table

End-of-Summerland Inspired Dinner Table End-of-Summerland Inspired Dinner Table

The end of August is the perfect time to bring a diverse group of friends together around an outdoor table. We show you how to do it with the Land Yacht by Summerland center stage.

Select a Strain

First of all, we like to make sure we have our supply together, and this can help guide the flavors and vibes of the gathering. We're currently stocked up on Cherry Blossom which gives a relaxed, non-psychoactive experience along with superb flavor. You can buy Cherry Blossom at Alcove in-store only.

Pick a Tablecloth

For a casual outdoor gathering like this, a warm-weather linen in a semi-neutral tone works really well. The Everyday Cotton Tablecloth in Chambray Blue by Dot and Army is our pick.

Choose a Center Piece

And we mean PIECE! Here we're featuring our beloved Land Yacht by Summerland, which is dressed in glossy white. It's eye-catching in contrast to the blue tablecloth and colorful meal.


Build a Menu

For an August meal amongst buds, its best to pick a combo of dishes that are farmers-market based and feature contrasting cooling and spicy flavors, with proteins tucked in as supporting cast. For this meal, we started with the Healthyish Stir-Fried Eggplant with Basil and Chiles for its heat and ease to make - no need to turn the oven on for roasting.

Following that, we picked Bon Appétit's Napa Cabbage and Cucumber Slaw for a cool and crunchy contrast.

Flipping the traditional main course on its head is Marcus Samuelsson's Beef Kitfo (Ethiopian Tartare) with Injera Crisps, which can be made in a big batch ahead of time and then serves on individual plates artfully drizzled with spiced butter. Tasting Table calls this the perfect winter-holiday appetizer, but if you double this recipe it makes great light summer fare for a group.

Create a Cooling "Cocktail"

Peach + Ginger + Lemon = Booze-free Heaven

Get the recipe at Thyme and Love.

Details, Details...Dessert

We like pairing bright white napkins with this table setting to elevate the other pops of white already happening. The Italian Washed Linen Napkin in White from Williams-Sonoma is a timeless choice.

Ok, you've gathered those napkins and your flatware...don't forget dessert! While we would recommend fresh fruit and cream any day of the week, baking Alison Roman's infamous Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies aka The Cookie is the best way to keep friends snacking past sundown. Recipe from the New York Times is here.

Finally: Flowers

The final touch for our table-scapes are usually flowers, and this is no exception. Those of us lucky enough to live in NYC can access superb exotic blooms like these white Anthuriums, native to tropical America. The arrangement featured in the image above is by MetaFlora, and you can purchase a print of it on her website!