Dappled Lavender Ashtray

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A charming piece of stoneware with a vintage feel & modern simplicity. 

We were immediately attracted to the floral purple undertones peeking through the speckled matte glaze in this handmade ashtray. Reminiscent of vintage reduction-fired American pottery, the piece has a simple flat base that sits directly on your tabletop along with four short curved walls to create divots in the tray. Antique appeal, contemporary effect.

While this little guy won't create a wind-screen for ash (Chicago porches beware) it's perfect atop that spa-worthy bamboo bathtub tray, stacked with your fiction pile and bedside lamp, tucked between plants on a windowsill or balanced on the edge of a favorite armchair. Palm-sized!

Please note that each piece is hand glazed and has varying surface effects that occur naturally inside the kiln during firing. Surface texture will vary, resulting in a totally unique item.

O. Snow Ceramics is the work of Olivia Snow Norman, a potter, podcaster, actor, and comedian based in Los Angeles. Every piece is made by Olivia on the wheel and high-fired. Her work is functional & leaves a statement; each piece is one of a kind.