Panacea Grind Capsule

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To your health! 🥂 

The neon-hued Panacea Grind Capsule keeps your goods safely at the ready. Stash it, shred it, and take it on the go.

This three part container includes a simple spiked grinder function in the yellow base, a blue inner capsule for storage and an interlocking orange lid that stays shut with a twist. "Weedie Parker" emblazoned on the exterior in hot pink 🎀 Easily holds an eighth up to a quarter depending on your stash.
  • 100% Plastic

  • Imported

  • Measures 3.5 inches tall x 1.5 inches in diameter

Flower by Edie Parker is SoHo's most chic (and only!) high end paraphernalia shop. The blazed brainchild of Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman, Flower expands upon the Edie Parker niche obsession with glossy, colorful bespoke acrylics.