Broccoli Magazine NEW Issue #10 by Broccoli

Broccoli Magazine NEW Issue #10

by Broccoli


Issue #10 — Neon Genesis: Garden of Weeden — Flower Black Power: Collages — Herbarium: World's First Archive of Preserved Cannabis Specimens — Homes & Gardens: Unearthing A Climbing Vine's Roots  Broccoli Catalog: Quiz & Shopping Guide



- Letter From the Editor

- News: Eye Openers

- Collection: Pipes of All Types

- Profile: Future Perfect

- Music: New to You

- Q&A: Awestruck

- Fashion: Compleat Works

- Ritual: Singing is Adornment to Our Souls

- Culture: Big Bhang

- Visuals: Neon Genesis

- Art: Flower Black Power

- Science: Herbarium

- History: Homes & Gardens

- Justice: Data Processing

- Theme: Plant Smarts

- Visuals: Grey Area

- Book Club: Snail World

- Day Trip: Hanging Gardens

- Q&A: Maurice Harris

- Favorites: Broccoli Catalog

- Game: H.A.S.H.


Contributors: Sophia Epstein, Sydney Gore, Rose Linke, Rachel Rilkoff, Mila Tenaglia, Karishma Upadhyay, Hannah Wallace, Se Young Au, Kasia Borowiecka, Sam Copeland, Cosmos and Plums, Jess Ebsworth, Millie Elliot, Colin Hoefle, Giovanna Lanna, Shaun Lucas, Jennilee Marigomen, Aleia Murawski, Alchemy Oliver, Shon Cele Rainey, Ben Reeves.

88 pages, perfect bound, printed on premium coated paper.

Broccoli is the international magazine for cannabis lovers. Created by an all-women team, Broccoli is a magazine presenting a new perspective on cannabis culture. Playful, informed, eclectic, and thoughtful, it encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through creative and inclusive explorations of art, culture, and fashion.