Transcendent Waves by Lavender Suarez

Transcendent Waves

by Lavender Suarez


How can thoughtfully and intentionally listening to our world inspire our creative practices? What insights can we gain when we delve into the immersive world of sound, which permeates our every moment?

In Transcendent Waves, sound healing practitioner, meditation teacher, and artist Lavender Suarez outlines how listening can unlock moments of creative spark, self-awareness, and mindfulness in a work that is equal parts how-to guide and contemplative artist’s workbook.

Suarez's illustrated meditations combine the open-ended freedom of Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit with the profound psychological insights of Oliver Sacks to offer a modern take on the impact of listening in a world that gets louder every day. Featuring an introduction by Bibbe Hansen—artist, Warhol star, and daughter of Fluxus cofounder Al Hansen—Transcendent Waves compiles scientific evidence, anecdotes, and thoughtful prompts for readers to manifest a sense of wonderment and appreciation for the intricacies of listening and the new perspectives it can bring to our daily creative worlds.

  • "Suarez consolidates information from her experience working with the immersive world of sound... The results are beautiful, inspiring, and exceedingly timely." - Flaunt Magazine
  • "We recommend this meditative book on listening for anyone in search of tranquility during this turbulent year. " -Here Magazine
  • "Transcendent Waves is a treatise for understanding and a work that deserves your attention." - Selective Memory

Lavender Suarez is a sound healing practitioner, meditation teacher and artist based in Brooklyn, NY that has been assisting individuals, couples, and groups with their holistic wellness goals since 2014. Lavender Suarez is a certified member of the Sound Healers Association and is certified in Tibetan Usui Reiki. She has a B.S. in Psychology w/a concentration in artistic therapies from St. Thomas Aquinas College. She has hosted sound baths and workshops at major museums and cultural institutions including MoMA, The Whitney, Hirshhorn, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Museum of The Moving Image, and The Rubin Museum.