Herbal Blend by Barbari

Herbal Blend

by Barbari



Crafted to get your mind right, made from organic ingredients with effects that can center, intoxicate and balance other herbal remedies.

Barbari's food-grade, organic ingredients are carefully sourced from quality farms for safe use. Like components of a perfume or a bedtime tea, the properties in the herbs blend together for a full-bodied experience, creating a composition that restores internal systems or awakens the mind.


Sit back, relax, and let the euphoric glow of blue lotus, rose petals, and lavender melt away anxiety and soften the day’s edges. Ideal for transitioning into nocturnal rhythms, the blend calms the senses and can support lucid dreams once asleep.

Ingredients: Rose, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, lavender, sage.

MUSE Blend

Like a breath of fresh, mind-opening air, this aromatic mix of jasmine florets, peppermint, and raspberry leaf clears mental clutter and replaces it with renewed imagination.

Ingredients: Peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf, sage.

Used to the first editions of Barbari blends? For Blend No.1, re-up with the new "Airplane Mode" blend. For Blend No.2, choose the new "Muse" blend.

Contains 16g of loose-leaf herbs.