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Perfectly palm-sized. Fill the stem & enjoy.

Each awmoo pipe is 4” in diameter, made of finely finished, glazed ceramic. We like to think of this as the best parts of a bong and bubbler combined in one compact, elegant form.

Just add an inch of water and fill the bowl at the top of the attached downstem. The free-floating stem wobbles pleasingly in a top-like fashion, and you'll be surprised that this design doesn't need a tight seal with an o-ring to work perfectly.

We expected to struggle a bit with pulling out the bowl when clearing the chamber since it doesn't have a handle, but we didn't - the ceramic stays cool and has enough height above the lip of the body to pull out easily with your fingers. It quickly became one of our surprise favorite pieces!

The round body of the pipe is almost a perfect sphere, with just a hint of a flattened base so that it rests safely on flat surfaces. It also has two small holes that sit above the waterline - one for your lips and one for a carb. Since the two are interchangeable, it's ideal for lefties! ✋

Bored with the options that were available, Patrick + Kalun of Awmoo decided to design their own water pipe that they wouldn’t have to tuck away or hide. The name Awmoo comes from their two favorite words: awareness and moderation. Living and solving mindfully guides their design. Designed in New York City, each Awmoo is hand made by skilled ceramic artisans in Mexico City.

Enjoy the orb.