Pillar Grinder

  • $70.00
Ever met a grinder so good looking it can hold its own next to all the design objects on your mantle? 
The Pillar Grinder will have fellow stoners' jaws on the floor, but can also sit incognito on your display shelf when your new boss comes over for dinner. With three tiers, diamond-sharp teeth and a deep set bowl this stunner will seriously up your cannabis game.

Getting Higher and Higher

Sackville & Co. founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt bonded over their shared frustration of not being able to find design-forward cannabis products to fit their personal style. It bothered them to have to hide evidence of their smoking habits and to still feel a stigma around something that, if done right, could be flaunted. With years of experience in luxury product development, experiential marketing and business development for companies ranging from October’s Very Own to Vivienne Westwood to VICE, the two fierce entrepreneurs conceptualized a cannabis brand that women like them would feel proud to be a part of. For both the connoisseurs or simply the curious, S&Co’s design–forward smoking accessories look as good as they make you feel.