Half Circle Pipe in Gloss Cherry Red by Yew Yew

Half Circle Pipe in Gloss Cherry Red

by Yew Yew


The Half Circle Pipe is a balanced, petite pipe that'll hold up to frequent use.

Durability is a big plus here since you'll def want to incorporate this one into your routine.

Cheerful colors and friendly design make the Half Circle pipe one to keep out on the shelf.

  • Materials: Ceramic; fully glazed interior, glazed upper exterior, unglazed base with makers mark.

  • Size: 2.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 in.

  • Weight: ~2.25 oz.

  • Use: Roomy bowl, side carb, mouthpiece on the end.

  • Care: Soak in isopropyl, shake with salt, clear holes with pipe cleaner, rinse with hot water.

  • Made: Designed in NY; slip cast and finished in Portland.

Yew Yew was born in 2017 in Rockaway Beach when Jenny Wichman was officially over her resin-filled, glass blown piece. As an artist and prop stylist, she knew there was a path less traveled and sought out to design a pipe that could fit into her lifestyle, and proudly live on a countertop.