Session Cleaning Caps by Session Goods

Session Cleaning Caps

by Session Goods


Convenient, handy & water tight.

Whether it's a weekly routine or after every use, there’s nothing like a freshly cleaned piece.  Water tight silicone caps allow you to clean your Session Bong with a good shake. The caps also nest neatly together for compact storage.

Designed to fit the Session Bong. Large cap: 36mm x 36mm, small cap: 22.5mm x 22.5mm.

Session Goods was formed in 2017 by three designer friends in the Bay Area who wondered what would happen if you looked at smokeware through the lens of industrial design, using critical thinking and the design process itself to bring new value to an ancient ritual. By obsessing over every detail and material that make up their products, with a rigorous process of converging and diverging until satisfied, Session Goods creates beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple designs.