Press Vessel by Craighill

Press Vessel Press Vessel

Press Vessel

by Craighill


An airtight container that looks great while keeping your stash fresh.

This two piece, aluminum container looks handsome and is super handy. A small silicone tube is inset into the lid, giving it a tight seal with a satisfying, soft-feel, quiet closure. Lid and base made of anodized (electro-magnetic color coated) aluminum. Sits 2 inches tall with a 2 1/2 inch diameter, so this is perfect for an eighth of bud or whathaveyou.

Founded in Brooklyn in 2016 by Hunter Craighill and Zach Fried, Craighill is a design-first brand committed to creating objects that enrich, enliven, and expand the discourse around craft. With a focus on metalworks, small accessories, and innovative beauty, their 5-person team delivers quality goods that you can count on.