by 3rd Ritual


Radically analog.

Light the candle and let the sound of the pin dropping signify time passing. A perfect meditation companion.

The BEL uses fire, gravity, and sound to measure time. Left alone the BEL is a beautiful object for your home, but when the candle is lit, the wax will melt and, eventually, a pin will fall, releasing a soft bell sound to signify the passing of time. For meditation, you can fix your gaze on the flame or listen for the drop of a pin to signify the end of your session.

Why Alcove loves the BEL:

🌀This auditory marking of time by a manual function stands in sharp contrast to our digital the sound is divine.

🌀Reinvigorated our meditation practice - no more iPhone alarms.

🌀Created by beloved NYC yoga instructor and 3rd Ritual workshop leader Jenn Tardif.

🌀The candles smell amazing!

About3rd Ritual

Shaped by Taoist, yogic and design philosophies,3rd Ritual creates mindful objects, shares esoteric content and hosts intimate events that make meaning from the ordinary. Through research, innovation and practice, we strive to cultivate a more connected and mystical way of life.