Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black

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"Cookie Mueller was a writer, a mother, an outlaw, an actress, a fashion designer, a go-go dancer, a witch doctor, an art-hag, and above all, a goddess. Boy, do I miss that girl." — John Waters

In Walking Through Clear Water, American actress, writer, and Dreamlander Dorothy Karen "Cookie" Mueller trips through her forty-year odyssey on this planet―from LSD to shopping at the A&P, from birthing Max to shooting Pink Flamingos.The echoes of her passionate commitments will ring in your ears. It is a tragedy to have lost her. Fortunately, along with the memories, she left us this marvelous testament to her intrepid zest for living.

This postcard-sized collection (7x4.5 inches) of short stories from MIT Press is 160 pages of pleasure that you won't want to put down. As soon as you finish the last page, however, we're sure you'll immediately think of a friend you'll want to lend it to - Cookie's zeal for life is that infectious.


Cookie Mueller, born in Baltimore in 1949, may be best known as a cult actress and muse to filmmaker John Waters—playing alongside Divine in Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble—and photographer Nan Goldin. But she was an artist in her own right: she was an art editor for Details magazine during the 80s and wrote an irreverent health column for the East Village Eye called “Ask Dr. Mueller.” She also published a number of poetry and prose works, like How to Get Rid of Pimples, Walking Through Clear Water In A Pool Painted Black, and Drugs, a play written with Glenn O’Brien. On November 10, 1989, at age 40, Mueller died of AIDS, a few months after her husband, artist Vittorio Scarpati, also died from the disease.

Laugh. Cry. Shout. Murmour. Cookie writes it all from the heart.