Euclidean Pipe in Indigo by Session Goods

Euclidean Pipe in Indigo

by Session Goods


We named this pipe from Session Goods after the Alexandrian Greek mathematician Euclid because it reminds us of the elemental clean lines and forms that comprise the roots of modern geometry.

This stylish, small pipe is simple to use, with a roomy bowl and a carb on the side.

The pipe is super handy for carrying around with its indigo-blue silicone case and key ring. You can even pre-pack the bowl and tuck it into the flexible sleeve before you leave the crib; just carefully side out, spark up, then tuck back away. The fitted silicone case will keep your bag and belongings free from ash, resin and scents even after your session is over.

The smoke-grey glass keeps the pipe handsome-looking even between cleans, and spruces back up to brand new with a soak and rinse using one of Alcove's cleaners.

Session Goods was formed in 2017 by three designer friends in the Bay Area who wondered what would happen if you looked at smokeware through the lens of industrial design, using critical thinking and the design process itself to bring new value to an ancient ritual. By obsessing over every detail and material that make up their products, with a rigorous process of converging and diverging until satisfied, Session Goods creates beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple designs.