Clean Kit

  • $7.00

Measurements: 4.25 inches long, 1/4 inch in diameter.

Founded in 2020, by husband and wife duo Drake and Abby Miller, Recreational Use is a home and body brand that creates space for escapism. Each product is thoughtfully designed to bring recreation into your everyday life. With an emphasis on craftsmanship, our products are made for those who value good taste, good quality, and of course, a good time.
The brand's minimal, yet playful aesthetic is heavily influenced by the founders' respective backgrounds in design, fashion, and beauty — Drake has established himself at various high-profile creative agencies and is rooted in woodworking and furniture design, while Abby, a Vogue alum and current Head of Creative and Production at the Coveteur, has spent over a decade working in the fashion and beauty industries. Together, their combined experience and love of artistry is at the core of the Rec-Use philosophy: to always honor the simple luxuries, not only in the products that you buy but also in the life that you live.