Carryalong Klai One Hitter by Son of a Sailor x Klai Ceramics

Carryalong Klai One Hitter

by Son of a Sailor x Klai Ceramics


This dapper one hitter and case kit are along for the ride. Please note that Gold/tan pipes have minor defects on the leather case.

A slim handcrafted ceramic pipe is kept discreet and protected in a leather case with foldover enclosure.

Available with either 22k gold detail on glossy white glaze with hand-stitched natural leather case (which will gain a darker patina over time), or matte black glaze and black leather case.

  • Materials: Leather, non-toxic ceramic.

  • Size: Case = 3.75 x 1.5 in., Pipe = 3 x 0.25 in.

  • Weight: ~0.75 oz.

  • Use: Toke on the go with this cigarette-sized pipe in its own holster.

  • Care: Soak overnight in isopropyl alcohol, rinse with hot soapy water.

  • Made: Leather tooled in Austin and San Marcos, Texas. Ceramics handcrafted sustainably in Los Angeles.

Son of a Sailor, founded by husband and wife team Billy and Jessica Knopp, prides itself on design-forward craftmanship. In their bustling studio you’ll find their production team forging metal, setting gemstones, cutting and finishing leather, painting, laughing, imagining and hustling. Every Son of a Sailor piece is designed and crafted with care, with the intersection of form and function in mind.

K L A I is a Los Angeles-based ceramics line created by artist Klai (/g-l-y/) Brown. She received her BFA from California State University at Long Beach and is currently living and working in the Long Beach area. K L A I is entirely handcrafted in the artist’s studio. Each piece made with certified non toxic materials and is carefully hand painted, one at a time, then high fired using eco-friendly studio practices.