Ti Cobb Pipe

  • $60.00
Raw Titanium
It's just like Grandpa's ole' Corn Cob pipe, if he was from the future where farmers grew Titanium instead of corn.

Enthusiasts love the Ti Cobb for it's super convenient size. While this piece may be the "one-hitter" of Dangle Supply's collection, it packs a punch. The bowl is just the right size for a puff or three, and the piece is small enough to fit right in to your lightweight kit for outdoor adventures 🏕️

Super light, super small, super convenient for carrying when lightweight and stash-ability are crucial. Measures 70mm long, 12mm wide, 9 grams light. Made from medical grade titanium, so you know its good. Titanium is one of nature's most durable and non-corrosive materials. However, the granite-finish of this titanium pipe will likely obtain some scratches and patina from flame & heat. We're not judging - any changes to the finish of your pipe documents your journey :)

To clean out accumulated residue, some people prefer to just boil it in water or put it in the campfire to melt out any debris.  For a deeper clean Dangle Supply recommends soaking in rubbing alcohol, some folks add rock salt as a safe abrasive. A sharp poky thing like a paper clip comes in handy. Dishwasher safe.

What customers are saying:

  • "Hits like a dream."

  • "Such a convenient unit! Well-made, durable, and fire-friendly for easy cleaning."

  • "The perfect tiny piece for solo adventures. The bowl is larger than I thought and it cleans out easily."

  • "The Ti Cobb piece is called a 'one hitter' but you can definitely get more than a few hits when packed full."

  • "I really like how compact and lightweight it is. Perfect for a quick fire safety meeting at the top of the mountain right before the downhill. Very easy to clean and doesn’t clog. Best part is that it won’t break when I go OTB haha."

  • "Small but mighty, the Ti Cobb works well as an apĂŠritif or a digestif, for a solo hit or for a duet, for a moment on the stoop or an afternoon hike on the trails. Hits cleanly, cleans easily. Gave this as a gift—it keeps on giving."

Dangle Supply is headed by Chief Bong Officer Danny Gullbongs, whose business origin story reads like a Tom Robbins novel; in the late 1950's his inquisitive father Dan Gullbongs was on a long distance cycling journey in the Swiss Alps when he happened upon a group of monks in the mountains forging pure titanium vessels of the highest quality. According to legend, Gullbongs Senior pitched camp, learning what he could of the craft for a quarter of a year. Enchanted by the process and incredible raw material, he returned to Southern California to begin forging the world’s most beautiful, handcrafted, unbreakable titanium water pipes well into the Swinging Sixties. Gullbong's son inherited the biz, developing what is today's Dangle Supply Co. So it's told...believe what you wish...just know that the undisputed fact is that these pipes are the shit!