Wild Sage Smudge Stick by Incausa

Wild Sage Smudge Stick

by Incausa


Kind of a must-have.

This large sage bundle is of the highest quality Salvia apiana, white sacred sage. An evergreen shrub native to the American Southwest, the whole sage in these Smudge Sticks will fill your home with a cleansing, calming aroma. 

Simply hold in one hand, tilt other end upwards, light with matches or lighter and twirl to burn evenly. Once you have it well lit, gently wave in the air or blow out carefully over a countertop to extinguish flames. You can then rest it in a ceramic or glass dish while it continues to smoke, or walk it around your living space to fill every corner with its intense, healing aroma.

Size: 6 inches long, 1.75 inches in diameter

Weight: ~ 50 grams

Materials: Wild white sage

Incausa, founded in 2012 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is an ongoing study to find meaning in profit. For mindful growth; personal, community, and societal. Beginning with a product line that evokes contemplation practice. Pure; in essence and material. Which through design, distancing itself from automation, celebrating the value of human touch.