Circle Vase Pipe

  • $150.00

A surprisingly heavypiece that rests delicately on a circular foot, this pipe camouflages itself as a vase when not in use. Invokes the elegant simplicity of Bronze-agevessels fromAnatolia and the unicolored Levantine 'juglets' of the Middle Kingdom.

Medium-sized oval bowl for packing, carb on the side, and easy grip to bring the mouthpiece to your lips. The handsome sage green glaze is exclusive to Alcove, and is flecked with brownish speckles and ochre smudging around the neck and base. To use as a vase, choose either flexible stems that wrap around the contours of the circle or snip rigid stems short to tuck just into the neck.

Mica DeMarquezof Mimi Ceramics lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She finds inspiration in making practical and functional objects, while focusing on color and pattern on simple shapes. Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel, kiln fired to bisque, hand glazed/decorated, and high fired up to completion.

Smoking in the round.