The Fruit Salad One Hitter Set

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  • $80.00
Fan-favorite Cash Onies, now paired with ceramic-topped pokers for easy, joyful cleaning. An Alcove exclusive! 
Let's be real - one hitters need to be de-gunked often (especially if you're smoking extra sticky goods!) so Alcove asked Cash Ceramics to create a decorative metal poker that fit inside her fruit-patterned one hitters, and she delivered with these glossy strawberry and banana wands. 
These friendly ceramic pipes are one-hitters in stature (i.e. slim and compact) but have a surprisingly generous bowl to pack! It's a summer 2020 must-have for those much needed escapes to parks, beaches, & trails.
Pipe length: 2 3/4 inches
Pipe width: 1/2 inch
Pipe materials: Hand glazed, food-safe ceramic
Poker length: Variable, approximately 4 inches
Poker materials: Stainless steel; hand glazed ceramic

An Alcove exclusive!

Hand built and glazed with the cutest tiny patterns by Rebecca Cash of Cash Ceramics, in Atlanta, Georgia.