Pleasure Point by Summerland

Pleasure Point

by Summerland


Get lost in the waves.

Pleasure Point is a place known to sun-seekers the world over as a quiet spot to soak, surf and lose some tanlines. If you like getting lost, you're going to love Pleasure Point.

This mid-sized bong is sure to hit the mark with newbs and pros alike. While the body is more compact than Summerland's Chongo, Pleasure Point's bowl is just as generous. Matte, marbled exterior in cream-white and charcoal-black, with smokey coffee-toned swirls where the two clays meet. Fully gloss-glazed on the interior of the body and the inside of the bowl/downstem. The bowl/downstem on these guys is hefty and fits snugly in with a silicone o-ring, ensuring air-tight carbs and clean hits. Fill with water, pack and hit it!

Alcove recommends pouring out the water after every session (or as soon as you remember it) to minimize odor. Clean with isopropyl alcohol + salt, warm water + natural dish soap, or one of our recommended cleaners:Limonene Dream Terpene Wash orResinate.

10"H x 4.5"W

Made with thefinest lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, and a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure clean hits and airtight carbs, every time.

Summerland Ceramics was founded in San Francisco bydesignerLiam Kaczmar as an escape from a soul-sucking advertising job and has blossomedintothe cult-favorite smokeware brand it is today. Summerland uniquely combinesthe new andthe old with its innovative use of 3-D printing technology during the design phase and its use of traditional casting expertiseat two long-running California production sites to create the finished product.