Flintts Mouthwatering Mints by Flintts

Flintts Mouthwatering Mints

by Flintts


Designed to enhance any state of mind.

Flintts make your mouth water and sparkle. Their purpose is to alleviate dry mouth normally associated with smoking, taking medications, whatever! 30 tablets per tin.

Their unique mouthfeel and effervescent effects must be felt to be understood. They are vegan, non-GMO, and their packaging contains no plastic. Flintts are made in America.

Each flavor of Flintts has a different "F Strength", denoting force of mouthwatering and Sparkling Flavor-Tones. At the lowest, Cherry has an F Strength of 150; in the middle is Mint with an F Strength of 200; and the most intense is Lemon at 250!

The Sichuan-pepper-like tingling in Flintts is derived from Acmella oleracea, a species of flowering herb native to the Americas.