L'Aperitif Pre Rolled Cones

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Inspired by the tradition of the apéritif, enjoy a petite puff anytime with these mini pre rolled cones.
Skip rolling by hand and pack the 1 1/4" long cones with a half gram of your preferred smoke. Pack up and take the dog for a walk around the block; one L'Aperitif will be all you need.

Each box comes with 6 individual pre rolled cones made from 100% organic hemp paper. L'Aperitif pre-rolled cones are unbleached, slow burning, and sealed with Arabic gum.

Unbleached, organic hemp paper.

NYC-born House of Puff makes smoking accoutrements for the modern woman. With designs inspired by art and fashion, the women behind the brand want to de-stigmatize their use in the contexts of motherhood and career so we can celebrate, not shame.