Lily Flower Petal Cones

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Lily Flower Petal Cones are here to glam up your next all-natural high.
Exuding passion and sophistication, these handmade flower petal cones are brimming with refined floral notes, a sweet finish, and a velvety soft kiss.
  • GMO-free and organic.
  • The main body of the wrap is made of pure lily petals, dried to beautiful shades of purple and fawn, and ready to be filled with your fav herb.
  • J'adore's signature filter is at the base of each wrap; an organic roll of corn husks and banana leaf.
  • While these are fragile like a dried pressed flower, each wrap is hand finished with a paper band to keep the petals and filter snug and packed with a paper cone for structure and to help you fill! 
Two per package.
J’adore la Fleur was founded in 2019 by Asha Richards as an extension of her personal commitment to clean living through Rastafari. Of this she says, "Spiritually, mentally, it’s treating others the way you want to be’s a way of life." Richards wanted to share the positive experiences she grew up with on the Caribbean island of Dominica, helping people enjoy their smoke in all-natural, vegan, GMO-free wraps.
📸 Product shots by Alcove; 😎 portraits via @jadorelafleur