Alcove embraces smoking rituals as an enrichment of daily living. Our inventory features thoughtfully designed glass and ceramic smoking accessories that are pleasing to behold and a pleasure to use, along with other covetable goods that appeal to all five senses: handcrafted kitchenware, inspiring self-care, captivating books, and special wearables.

Alcove was created by husband and wife team Allie Pisarro-Grant and Alex Smith in 2018 to bring their mutual love of craft and ritual together, building upon their decades of experience in the NYC hospitality, publishing, creative and retail industries to pursue a collaborative venture.

While our storefront in Manhattan's Lower East Side has closed due to circumstances beyond our control (aka covid), we're working on bringing our loving customer service &personal recommendations to life via this webshop. We're big on tactile experiences, so we're working double hard now to bring descriptive photography, text, and video to you here to bridge the digital gap.

Our storefront featured handmade architectural details crafted out of a sustainable building material known as hempcrete, and we're excited to be launching a new product soon that will allow you to try hempcrete yourself at home!