About Us


Alcove is a design-forward smoke shop focused on handmade artisan goods to enrich your sessions and enliven your home. This is smokeware to be gifted and enjoyed, not hidden away in a cabinet. 

Alcove was created by husband & wife team Allie Pisarro-Grant and Alex Smith in 2018 to bring their mutual love of craft and ritual together, building upon their decades of experience in the NYC hospitality, publishing, creative and retail industries to pursue a collaborative venture.

Our inventory features thoughtfully designed smokeware that is pleasing to behold and a pleasure to use. We also stock craveable accoutrements like sculptural grinders and not-your-nanna's ashtrays. We specialize in the best of independently produced rolling papers like this Purple Leopard kit, as well as standards like these OCBs that never go out of style. Furthermore, we carry gifts for your best buds, topical CBD by our talented science-y friends, incense to complete your ritual, and reading material for the full-on cultural zeitgeist completists.

While our storefront in Manhattan's Lower East Side has closed due to circumstances beyond our control (u know, covid), we're continually working on building our loving customer service & personal recommendations into this webshop. We're big on tactile experiences, so we're hoping to double down on descriptive photography, text, and video to you here to bridge the digital gap. For now it's just the two of us, so we are juggling a lot! We so so so appreciate your support as we grow and adapt.

Our selection is purposely small - you can be sure we have only the best of the best on offer - but we do continue to search for and bring you new goods and fresh options. Our vendors are small businesses like us, so we often sell out of limited runs of handmade inventory. The best way to stay on top of what's up is to follow us on Instagram @alcove.shop and sign up for our (very occasional) newsletter. You'll even get 15% off your first order with signup!