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Autonomic Tarot

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Autonomic Tarot is one of the most sought-after decks in the U.S. and Alcove imported it from the UK just for you!

One of the best sellers at our Lower East Side shop, we now have Autonomic Tarot back in stock here on the webshop.
This unique pack is the product of a collaboration between writer David Keenan and artist Sophy Hollington. The pair have combined forces to create a 30 card linocut tarot deck that retains an umbilical to the card’s archaic roots while future-visioning it as a glam-punk portal deep into the Now.  Comes with an instruction booklet written by Keenan and Hollington to help even first-timers with readings.

Sophy Hollington is an illustrator and artist living in Brighton, UK. Not being one to cut corners, her work takes the form of relief prints, created using the lengthy process of lino-cutting. Her personal work tackles themes from meteoric folklore to alchemical symbolism and she’s interested in wrangling the most out-there ideas to make them totally tangible.