Becoming Invisible by Ian Whittlesea

Becoming Invisible Becoming Invisible

Becoming Invisible

by Ian Whittlesea


A guide.

“Now begin by visualizing the seven colors of the spectrum, or if it is easier, the rainbow. If you have difficulty visualizing the spectrum then use this page as a reminder before you start the exercises.”

Both an artist's book and a would-be practical guide, this beautiful little book offers occult instructions for becoming invisible by meditating on the color spectrum. It draws on the literature of Rosicrucianism, theosophy and esoteric yoga to demonstrate how, through breathing exercises and visualization, the reader can learn to split light into its constituent parts, then recombine the seven colors of the spectrum to form a glowing white cloud that envelops its creator, rendering him or her invisible.

Its author, London-based artist Ian Whittlesea—well known for his book works based on spiritual-physical exercises, such as Yves Klein: The Foundations of Judo and Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture—notes in the preface: "These exercises are intended to allow you to become invisible. This does not, however, mean that you will physically disappear or dematerialize. Instead you will be hidden from view, concealed within a cloud of your own creation." Gorgeous color abstractions by Whittlesea illustrate the book throughout.

A gift-worthy small hardcover book (4.5 x 7 inches), 48 pgs. Published by The Everyday Press.