Bubble Bong in Violet by Gary Bodker Designs

Bubble Bong in Violet

by Gary Bodker Designs


A bestseller!

The bong you can leave out when Mom comes to visit šŸ”®

The Bubble Bong inĀ VioletĀ purpleĀ has a stout 5x5 inch handmade body in hazy transparent white glass, about the size and weight of a large grapefruit and a clear purple bubble mouthpeice. TheĀ pipe is accompanied by standard-issue clear downstem and bowl, but could also beĀ used withĀ aĀ 14mm bucket.

Gary Bodker is a New Jersey-born artist and designer working in glass. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Designā€™s prestigious B.F.A. Glass program, Bodker established his own practice asĀ Gary Bodker DesignsĀ in Portland, Oregon in 2014. With a high level of technical mastery,Ā heĀ balances his tendency towards minimalism with the use of saturated color, bridging the gap between functional and decorative works. BodkerĀ has been a presenter at Glass Art Societyā€™s Norfolk Conference, a panelist on MadeHere PDX/International Interior Design Associationā€™s Makers Forum, and was featured in Surface Magazineā€™s 4/20 Gift Guide in 2018.