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Cache Jar in Saratoga Blue

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Designed by Henry Julier and Pete Oyler, Tetra's new airtight storage jars are lightweight, light-blocking, and have a strong silicone seal that ensures their contents stay fresh and their concave lids stay on tight — even when you flip them over.

These modern blue jars are made from a transparent glass, with a makers mark on the base along with faint markings on the center of the base and lid. These are evidence of the glass blowing process, where the bubble of molten glass is attached and then detached carefully from the steel blowing rod by the maker.

Hand-blown borosilicate glass.  Approximately 3 inches wide x 2 inches high, with a 3oz capacity.  Designed in Chicago, handmade in China.

Tetra views smoking as an opportunity to sit down, relax, and be present — an antidote to the harried, tech-obsessed pace of modern life. Tetra's founders Monica Khemsurov and Eviana Hartman invite you to breathe deeply, disconnect, and enjoy the pleasure of company and conversation.