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Conical Cyloom

  • $19.80
  • $66.00
Fathom Blue

This substantial chillum is a new essential.

Handmade in Italy and imported from Rome! Generous bowl space above the removable terracotta inner-filter.

Providing 'Useful Tools' and 'Beautiful Objects' is Superba's raison d'être, or rather their ragione per essere! Launched in Rome in 2018, they work directly with ceramicists, stone carvers and woodworkers to execute appealing, minimal designs.

With a storefront located on the "Street of the Carpenters" in Rome's Sant’Angelo neighborhood, right off the Tiber River, Superba's modern, boutique approach is a first for the region. An area with a complicated past, Sant'Angelo has recently attracted a number of young creative business with its village-like charm and profound sense of community.

Alcove is proud to bring their work stateside and collaborate on the exclusive blue "Fathom" finish.