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Daizy Tamping Swizzle

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Carnation Red
Periwinkle Blue
Daffodil Yellow

This sweet tamping stick adorned with a flower works perfectly when you need to pack down your joint or bowl. 

It also doubles as a roach clip when you want some (glamorous) extension. 💅🏿 

  • 100% acrylic in bright blue with subtle white marbling
  • Handmade in America
  • Measures 5"H x 3/4"W

Flower by Edie Parker is SoHo's most chic (and only!) high end paraphernalia shop. The blazed brainchild of Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman, Flower expands upon the Edie Parker niche obsession with glossy, colorful bespoke acrylics.