Drone Pipe

  • $156.00
  • $260.00

The Drone pipe is smokeable sculpture at its wildest. Let it transport you!

Springing from the active imagination of artist Jennifer Wilkinson, the Drone is a contender for Most Original Pipe award. The sky blue, oversized & squat body is subtly rippled and ridged, evoking a topographical map or resonating sound waves. The pipe’s base is capped in a dizzying matrix of handmade kaleidoscopic fractal patterning with bright red-orange rim. This is an alternative history of smokeware, flown in from the future.

One of a kind, edition 1 of 1! It’s all yours.

Porcelain body, with base wrapped in polymer clay and coated in a thick, protective clear gloss. Pinpoint carb to the left of the roomy rectangular bowl and an oblong intake at the apex. Weighs in at 16 oz, and measures 10 x 8 x 2 inches. Minor surface variations like speckles and cracks to remind you it was handmade by a human.

Jennifer Wilkinson is an artist living and working in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramic sculpture. She has work in the Ken Ferguson Teaching Collection as well as the Belger Collection at the Belger Arts Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She recently studied in Hungary and explored Austria, and Croatia. She is currently living in Kansas City, Missouri where she works full time as a resident artist at the Charlotte Street Urban Culture Project studios.