Faceted Grinder in Obsidian Black by VelvetToke

Faceted Grinder in Obsidian Black

by VelvetToke


Our most affordable four-tier grinder keeps itself contained with a multitude of mini magnets that line up and lock in place.

For some simple grownup glam, choose the Faceted Grinder in Obsidian Black, a semi-gloss black-coated metal grinder with sharp teeth for a  fine grind, a mesh screen, and a bottom compartment for capturing extra special pollen. 

All compartments are secured with magnets rather than threads, so there's no more getting gunk stuck in the thread and no more awful squeaking when opening and closing. 

Note, the sleek black finish on these is slightly inconsistent, with some minor imperfections like surface-finish bubbling and artisan-tool-marks.

Ships in a small black velvet pouch! Stands 2 inches tall, 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

VelvetToke is a Cary, North Carolina-based small business formed in 2019 to develop handsome accessories missing from the market. By intentionally building in functionality and elegance, VelvetToke goods have the best of both worlds, making these additions to your smoking collection a no brainer.