Handblown Glass Cocktail Set by Gary Bodker Designs

Handblown Glass Cocktail Set

by Gary Bodker Designs


So smart!

Cork coaster bottoms that attach to the glasses. Cocktail mixing glass, two tumblers, and swizzle stick.

Tired of losing your coasters or cleaning cup rings on your furniture? Fear no more! Inspired by Mid Century Modern designs, the Button Cup Series features handblown glass and hand carved cork coasters that snap on and off for easy cleaning. Never put your cup down without a coaster again! The cocktail set features two handblown cocktail glasses and a cocktail mixing glass with swizzle stick! Glasses are machine washable, hand washing is preferred. Do not submerge cork in water. Wipe cork clean with a damp cloth.

Gary Bodker is a New Jersey-born artist and designer working in glass. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design’s prestigious B.F.A. Glass program, Bodker established his own practice as Gary Bodker Designs in Portland, Oregon in 2014. With a high level of technical mastery, he balances his tendency towards minimalism with the use of saturated color, bridging the gap between functional and decorative works. Bodker has been a presenter at Glass Art Society’s Norfolk Conference, a panelist on MadeHere PDX/International Interior Design Association’s Makers Forum, and was featured in Surface Magazine’s 4/20 Gift Guide in 2018.