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High Outside Titanium Bong

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Matte Black Titanium
Raw Titanium

Dangle Supply's virtually indestructible titanium bong system goes anywhere with you.

Good things come in small packages, and the High Outside Bong is no exception. This supremely streamlined pipe is probably smaller than your water bottle & likely fits in the outside pocket of your parka.

This piece includes their titanium UltraSucc bowl, a roomy slide in contrasting polished raw titanium, at an extralight 8 gram weight. Has 5 holes to reduce clogging & is smartly stowed away in the high durability rubber top-stopper for when you are on the move - no rattling around and no lost parts!

The whole thing measures 18cm tall (~7 inches), 4cm in diameter / 6.5cm wide at handle / 6cm wide at downstem. Weighs 186 g total.

The DangleBong BowlHole is 18mm and works with most standard 18mm accessories.

Made from unbreakable medical-grade non-reactive titanium in a compact package. (You can win some cash on the side by betting your buds you can drive over this with your Subaru and it'll still smoke.)

What High Outside Bong owners are saying:

  • "This bong is tough. If you prefer water filtration when you’re consuming in the woods, mountains, desert or while floating down a raging river this product is for you."
  • "This thing rips. It's indestructible. It's easy to clean. It's sexy. Don't overthink it."
  • "Future-proof indestructible and thoughtful design. Titanium body has 40% less thermal conductivity as stainless steel, and keeps the bong water cold longer."
  • "Nice little price of Ti hardware. Cool rubber seal that holds the huge bowl and helps keep the dust out while you adventure. Super smooth compared to regular glass pipes and you can throw it in the cooler or snow if you need more cooling."

Dangle Supply is headed by Chief Bong Officer Danny Gullbongs, whose business origin story reads like a Tom Robbins novel; in the late 1950's his inquisitive father Dan Gullbongs was on a long distance cycling journey in the Swiss Alps when he happened upon a group of monks in the mountains forging pure titanium vessels of the highest quality. According to legend, Gullbongs Senior pitched camp, learning what he could of the craft for a quarter of a year. Enchanted by the process and incredible raw material, he returned to Southern California to begin forging the world’s most beautiful, handcrafted, unbreakable titanium water pipes well into the Swinging Sixties. Gullbong's son inherited the biz, developing what is today's Dangle Supply Co. So it's told...believe what you wish...just know that the undisputed fact is that these pipes are the shit!