Hudson Pipe

by Laundry Day


Watch the smoke billow through the transparent chamber of this disc-shaped glass pipe as you take a breath. The Hudson's wide design also gives the smoke more room to cool down and mellow out before reaching your lips for a smooth and visually stimulating experience. 

3.75" diameter  x .75" height; Petite bowl appropriate for light use or as a one-hitter. Sturdy construction ~ just don't drop on a hard tile floor or throw it at a moving car and you should be good. Easy to keep clean 'cause it's see-thru and round: no nooks and crannies for gunk to lurk. Clean with isopropyl alcohol or Resinate

These pieces are hand-blown which creates differences in character from piece to piece

With a modern take on 1970s design inspiration, the line of Laundry Day products offers sleek, sophisticated and simultaneously playful smoking alternatives for a diverse range of consumers.