Institute Rig in Color Shift by Ion Glass

Institute Rig in Color Shift

by Ion Glass


The Institute Rig by Ion Glass is crafted for a premium dabbing experience. The detail and level of finish is superb. Angular shapes are seamlessly layered in bands of clear borosilicate glass, creating a dynamic geometric vessel with expertly joined tubes and subtly swirled base. Pair with the Expertly Jars and Glossy Dabber.

The scale of this rig is super slick at just 5 3/4 inches tall and 4 1/5 inches wide with the base of the main chamber at 3 inches.

The milky white glass shifts colors in different types of light; depending upon whether you're in sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent light it looks variously yellow hued and pink tinted. Additionally, the exterior wrapping tube pops off under blacklight in a glowing fuchsia color!

Ion Glass is Jonathan Goldsmith, a glass artist and studio owner who lives and works on Long Island, NY. Goldsmith has always had an affinity for both science and art. As a student, he participated in the New York State Science Olympiad winning several Gold medals. While studying at SUNY Oneonta, he experimented with ceramics, drawing, 3-D design, woodworking, metal sculpture and welding while continuing to investigate other unique mediums. During college, Jonathan decided to try working with borosilicate glass. He bought the basic tools and necessary gasses to set up his first makeshift bench in the basement of his home, and has been perfecting his craft ever since. In 2019, Goldsmith launched Elite Glass Enterprises, Inc., New York's first facility to offer flameworking studio space, classes, and a supply store. With Ion Glass, Goldsmith brings a playful use of color together with a unique interpretation of scientific glass forms to create sophisticated, handsome smokeware that really rips.