Land Yacht by Summerland

Land Yacht

by Summerland


The everyman's yacht.

When The Land Yacht cruises into town, people take notice. With sleek lines and a roomy double chamber, the largest piece in Summerland's collection not only holds more smoke, it looks great doing it. Sail straight into the high life on The Land Yacht, you deserve it.

Made with thefinest lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, and a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure clean hits and airtight carbs, every time.

12.5"H x 7"W

Asthis piece is made by hand with natural materials, visual variations may be present. Each piece is considered one of a kind and unique.

Summerland Ceramicswas founded in San Francisco bydesignerLiam Kaczmar as an escape from a soul-sucking advertising job and has blossomedintothe cult-favorite smokeware brand it is today.Summerland uniquely combinesthe newandthe oldwith its innovative use of 3-D printing technology during the design phase andits use of traditional casting expertiseat two long-running California productionsites to create the finished product.