Listening Vase by Meltz Studio

Listening Vase Listening Vase

Listening Vase

by Meltz Studio

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With subtlety and pathos to spare, the Listening Vase invites the gaze to settle on it. If it speaks to you, be sure to listen. You won't tire of enjoying it.

The specialness of this particular piece lies partly in the two methods of construction in its making - the bottom half is wheel-thrown, while the top half is hand built. They meet in the middle, highlighted by a wash of glossy semi-transparent white glaze, offset by the exposed sienna-red clay.

Cheery circular 'handles' and an "unfinished" top edge adds playfulness and further interest for the eye.

The white glaze continues inside the vessel for easy cleaning.

Made by hand in NYC by Alex Meltzer, one of a kind.