Mucho King Size Slims by Mucho

Mucho King Size Slims

by Mucho


Whether you know Spanish or not, youunderstand what “mucho” means: a lot. But to native speakers, this wordsignifies more than that;mucho implies abundance, intensity and always something that exceeds normality.

Muchos come toAlcove from Mexico City! Each booklet ofKing Size Slims holds 32 sheets of natural hemp with gum arabic (free of chemicals and acid bleaching agents) as well asperforated cardboard filters that roll easily into round, not square, tips. The papers are certified NON-GMO, FSC, SGS, and TFC; thehemp these papers are made of is grown according to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council, which includes management measures for sustainability in ecological, social and economical aspects.

MUCHO is a new lifestyle brand started by three friends in Mexico city thatwant totransformthestigma aroundweed for the better, providing high-quality productsfocused on beautiful design and high usability.