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Murano Tips

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Redhead Red
Lemon Yellow
Aquamarine Blue
Emerald Green
Two colorful glass tips handmade in Murano, Italy: one flat tip for a lighter dose, one round tip for a higher dose.
You can choose the flat tip to slow down your toke and enjoy the moment. Flat tips provide a minimal draw, an elongated pull with a light, mild-bodied flavor experience. Or go for the round tip to live to your fullest and fuel the conversation. Round tips provide a high-intensity inhale, a robust pull with a full-bodied flavor experience.
Whether it’s the relaxing ritual of the roll, the anticipation of that first luxurious exhale or the enjoyment in sharing with others, Murano Tips expertly enhance each experience. These hand-crafted glass tips allow smoke to cool before reaching the rim, ensuring a smooth draw, flawless flavor and full enjoyment for yourself and your friends.
Just roll your favorite papers around one of the two tips ~ we promise, it only takes a little practice if you're used to using paper tips :)
Each package includes 1x Flat Tip and 1x Round Tip. While each hand-crafted glass tips exact dimension will vary slightly, flat tips (27mm x 0.9mm) and round tips (27mm x 0.7mm) are very similar in size.

Murano glassmaking has survived the Napoleonic Wars, the Habsburg Empire and both World Wars. Hidden away from the main channels of commerce and travel, Murano became home to the world’s greatest glass artisans gracing privileged social status, with families who continued the art – leading to centuries of generational innovations and success. Today, Murano remains the glassblowing capital of the world, defining trends for its industry and art as a whole. Each piece of Murano glass becomes more than its final product. It embodies the centuries-old traditions, innovations and customs that define Italian culture. Murano Tips are sustainably made, not factory made. Each hand-crafted piece keeps a family member working in Italian craftsmanship for generations to come.

Vetro Artistico® certified products hold an anti-counterfeit seal of honor — born a thousand years ago — indicating that the product was unequivocally sourced from genuine Murano glass, handmade on the island of Murano and strictly followed the guidelines of centuries-old glassmaking tradition.

Certifed Vetro Artistico®