OC x ALCOVE Bic Set 2021 by Online Ceramics

OC x ALCOVE Bic Set 2021

by Online Ceramics


A brand new lighter set from Alcove's ongoing open edition with Online Ceramics.

Comes as a set of three: one each of hot orange on sky blue, bubblegum pink on apple red, and kelly green on leaf green.

Or upgrade to pair the lighter trio with a full set of Barbari Herbal Spliffs! That's 3 lighters + 6 hemp & herbal prerolls in Barbari's classic blends, Muse, Airplane Mode, and Car Sex.  ☝️

There's a limited quantity of our 2020 OC x ALCOVE Bic Lighters in Black + Yellow 🐝 remaining on hand, so get those while they last.

Max quantity for pre-order are 10 sets per person. If you order more than 10, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Online Ceramics is an LA-based wearable art company created by artists Elijah Funk and Alix Ross.