OC x ALCOVE Bic Lighter by Online Ceramics

OC x ALCOVE Bic Lighter

by Online Ceramics


Previously available in store on Allen Street only, the black and yellow OC lighter is now here for you!

Comes as a set of two, one for you and one for bae. (Limited to one set per customer*)

Or upgrade to pair a lighter with an Airplane Mode Herbal Blend, Spring Butterfly Earrings, Craighill Set (Press Vessel and Castro Tray) or the amazing Black Hat Pipe! Choose your perfect set above ☝️

Online Ceramics is an LA-based wearable art company created by artists Elijah Funk and Alix Ross.

*If you pay for more than one set in your shopping cart, we'll do a partial refund for that item and ship just one set. Thanks for your cooperation!