Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

by OCB
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The papers that always stick.

OCB Organic is the choice for anyone who prefers a 100% natural experience. Only hemp grown and harvested on organic farms is used in the OCB Organic line of products. The ultra-thin papers are unbleached and unrefined - you can even see variations in the shade of leaves depending on that year's harvest. These papers are just as mother nature intended. 100% Natural Arabic Gum that is both vegetarian and GMO-Free. Booklets are printed with vegetable inks and on recycled cardboard. Made in France.

From the beginning OCB has exclusively used pure natural arabic gum extracted directly from African Acacia trees. Acacia gum is an extract from two species of acacia trees (Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal) that grow in semi-desert conditions in Africa. Acacia gum is produced by making incisions in the bark of the trees (tapping). The sap forms nodules which are harvested to be sorted out, cleaned and processed into kibbled Acacia gum.

OCB was founded as a paper mill next to a river in western France in 1822 by the Bollore brothers (the "B" in OCB). By 1918 the family business had become one of the leading rolling paper manufacturers in the world. Today, OCBs can be found on 6 continents, and retain the superb quality of their original craftsmanship.

& 100% OG