Onyx Bong by Cloud Commons

Onyx Bong Onyx Bong

Onyx Bong

by Cloud Commons


Small but substantial, the Onyx Bong is one of our favs. A ring of glaze at the mouth and base contrasts with the otherwise matte exterior, and the clear glass bowl and downstem fit snugly into the body in a more elegant way than most of the hand-crafted ceramic bongs we come across.

White stoneware with hand painted black glazes. At about 7 inches tall, it's squat and handy, very user friendly, and unlikely to get knocked over easily.

Dishwasher friendly, but hand washing is recommended to ensure the longevity of your piece. Bowl and downstem are borosilicate glass. Fill with about 8 oz of water before use, and empty after each session.

Cloud Commons is helmed by Tom & Mel, Brooklyn based artists and designers who decided it was time to change their lives for the healthier and happier. Mel makes each piece by hand in small batches, allowing for lots of experimentation and play with scale and form.