Optical Maroon Weaving (#519) by Charles Blanchard

Optical Maroon Weaving (#519)

by Charles Blanchard


#519 in his ongoing series

36 x 24 inches, perfect on the floor for entryways, beautiful baths, & bedsides, or hanging on the wall as seen here. Hand-dyed red alpaca and raw Belgian linen yarn on a silk warp. Lovingly loom-woven in Blanchard's Upstate NY studio. A yet-undiscovered National Treasure committed to devotional beauty and craftsmanship.

Charles Blanchard, theDyberry Weaver,has been active as a weaver and artisan since he began his career in an artists’ community in Georgia in the late 1960's.

Since that time he has integrated many of the world’s weaving traditions and techniques into his unique work. Charles has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia where he has studied and been influenced by the delicate grass weavings and dance mats of West Africa, the bold colors and designs of cotton dhurries of India and the exotic geometric patterns of Nepalese and Tibetan prayer rugs. The elegant designs of the Celts as well as Islam similarly influence his work.

Charles weaves on a Harrisville Loom. His use of colors and designs spans the range from bold and dramatic to subtle and intricate. He works with a variety of fibers including linen, many kinds of wool, silk, alpaca and worsted acrylic.