RIPS Hemp Regulars by RIPS

RIPS Hemp Regulars RIPS Hemp Regulars

RIPS Hemp Regulars



Roll it up!

Natural Hemp Papers on a Roll

For a one of a kind smoke, use RIPS papers on a roll to make a smoke of any length! Rip off an inch for a mini-j or a foot for aGuinness Book of World Records smoke.

RIPS started life as a family run printing shop in the early 1970s. In 1972 RIPS capitalized on the emerging hairdressing industry and started to produce perm papers. They soon became the largest supplier of perm papers on the market with the brand "Pollié." By the early 80s, under the brand name FLAG, RIPS began making cigarette papers sold in Union Jack, Welsh and various European flag packaging.Finding it hard to compete with major UK brands with similar products, 1982 saw the launch of RIPS, the original rolling paper on a roll!