Squiggly Straw by Cold Berger

Squiggly Straw

by Cold Berger


Stylish & sustainable sipping.

These hand-formed straws jazz up any cocktail and every glass. While they look delicate, they're actually super sturdy and built to last. 

Made one by one by Coldberger Glass, the Squiggly Straw is irresistible - you'll reach for it for your AM iced coffee, your afternoon kombucha, and your bedtime H2O.

Size: 10 inches

Weight: 20 grams

Materials: Borosilicate glass

Coldberger Glass is the brainchild of Saved-by-the-Bell-obsessed artist Nicole Berger. Berger stands out in the male-dominated field of glassblowing with her blazing colors, slick fades, and clean lines.